Engagement PODS is Instagram’s best-kept secret!

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Have you ever wondered how all those new social media influencers are making it big on Instagram? You may have even analyzed their content and found no value in it! Still, they keep growing their followers and reach thousands of daily likes. How are they doing it?

Today, we will share with you one of the best-kept secrets of Instagram. There is a way to trick this social platform’s algorithm into making it look as if your post is going viral. Let me introduce the Engagement PODS!

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What exactly is an Engagement POD?

An engagement POD is a group of people that have reached an agreement to create engagement for every member’s posts. This translates to an engagement group, and it can be made up of friends or other aspiring influences or micro-influencers that are going to like and comment on each other’s posts vigorously.

It sounds great and perfect, but it is not as easy as it sounds like everything in life. Engagement PODS usually have strict guidelines that need to follow, such as:

  • Consistency: You must be active within the group and like and comment on every single post of every member in the engagement ring.
  • Reciprocity: You can not ask pod members to engage with your post if you are not doing the same for them.

Not following this and any other rule that the engagement POD has set will have you banned or expelled from it. This method is one of the quickest ways to increase your odds of appearing in the explore tab. By generating engagement through likes and comments, your account will boost authority, which can help you increase professional deals and influencer contracts.

Where to find or create your own Engagement POD?

If you are ready to give this system a try or join established pods there are a few different places where you can start looking. Facebook and Instagram are great social media platforms to find or create the perfect engagement POD that matches your needs.

Usually, PODS will have a group chat, where every member can announce their latest post. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 people to a group chat. As well, creating a Facebook group can be helpful, or any other messaging app, where you can create a group to connect with other members. It is essential to mention that there are different types of PODS, such as: 

  • Like for like only engagement pods: Easy and pretty straightforward, every member will like your post instantly. 
  • Comment only pods: Some users prefer this one because usually, if you are going to comment on a post, you will automatically like it. Some guidelines may be provided for how many words your comment should have.
  • Like and comment pods: This group tends to be more strict and has precise guidelines.
  • Private pods: You may encounter some groups where you need to have a minimum number of followers to join.
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This method works out with reciprocity and active participation, and you need to invest time if you want to enjoy the benefits of engagement. It is an excellent opportunity for content creators looking for more exposure.

We recommend taking at least a few hours per day to achieve your goals through this system. Don’t hesitate to give it a try, and If you are only starting on Instagram, this can be a great way to boost your account!

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