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It all started with a dream.

Our Founder, Ricky Flores, wanted to create more job opportunities in underserved areas with fair business practices while providing a high return on investments to inventors and small businesses.
After attending grad school at the University of Michigan, Ricky worked in corporate America for four years until he found his passion for creating and scaling businesses successfully. Our founder's experience in his career to create new products and advertise them has allowed us to expand the industries we serve.

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...We started working with local businesses in Texas, then expanded our services to beauty brands, hair salons, and barbershops across the US and the UK. Simultaneously, we offered white label solutions to marketing agencies and businesses that help inventors turn their ideas into real products and services.

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...Due to the success experienced with B2B services and our white label solutions, in 2019 we created a new program that allows startups and large companies remotely outsource our in-house talented graphic designers, digital marketers, web developers, and video animators. Our remote services enable our partners to reduce their operating costs by more than 70% while efficiently scaling their businesses and reducing their internal overhead.

If you would like to double or even triple your revenue while reducing your operating costs by more than 70%, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today.