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In the vast digital landscape, video content reigns supreme. As such, you’ll need to know how well your videos are performing, or else it will be a waste of valuable resources. To measure success in terms of ROI (Return on Investment), you need to clearly define what constitutes successful metrics for your campaign and then set clear objectives that can help provide insight into whether changes need to be made before negative ROI occurs.

ROI increment


When you measure video success, it’s vital to understand what your objective is. Is the primary goal of this video for brand awareness? Customer education? Revenue creation—or something else entirely? Understanding your business objectives will dictate how and what you track to achieve a successful campaign. For some companies, there isn’t just one specific metric that can be quantified as “success.” Instead, success could mean any number of different things:

  • Improved customer service
  • More sales than before
  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Website traffic

Your business goals are unique and should always drive decisions when creating explainer videos to maximize the company’s performance!

Link your CRM or Marketing Automation Software with a video hosting platform.

To get the best results for your company, you need a precise and well-thought-out plan. One simple analysis could be done by recording the leads before and after using a explainer video. This result will show how much impact your products or service has on customers as soon as it is launched. But it can be taken even further when using a quality video host that collects data and gives metrics that can be utilized.

When linking to CRM or marketing automation software, it allows more than one variable to be analyzed across different scenarios, so no stone is left unturned with new product launches and maximizing ROI across all channels!

You can track engagement by measuring the number of comments on a blog post, social media likes, and how many people sign up for your email list. You could also measure traffic to other pages from the landing page or conversion rates on specific web pages.

track customer engagement

These metrics are also helpful when assigning lead scores. Lead scoring is used to assign points based on the engagement a user has with your product or service over time. It can help you segment users into groups that share common behaviors, such as if they have viewed 50% of an explainer video, you assign 25 points for this action. If they viewed 90%, you assign 45 points, but if someone signed up for your email list, then 100 points are automatically given because it shows interest in what you offer them. 

The goal of this system is to provide the sales department with a list of people who have reached specific scores and are in need of more information or assistance. Understanding lead scoring is an integral part of optimizing your user experience. Lead score assignment can help segment users into groups that share common behaviors and interests, which could then be used to tailor content or marketing messages accordingly.

Calculate ROI considering your KPIs.

A key performance indicator or KPI is a way to measure how well your company is achieving its goals. To do this, you need first to clarify what purpose you want to achieve and then decide which metrics will be best for the success of that particular gauge. Different KPIs are displayed as values showing progress towards the achievement of qualified leads, amount of new pipeline created/ generated, revenue gained from these efforts in relation to time frames. If you look at each account’s data combined with video analytics across all accounts, it can help establish details on tracking qualified leads, influenced Pipeline, and Influenced Revenue.

marketing and sales funnel


When someone watches more than 60% of your explainer video, that account gets sent over to the sales for further review.


Once your leads are qualified, they become part of your overall pipeline.


Check how an explainer video influenced the number of closed deals. 

As you see, when you invest in an explainer video is because you want to achieve specific results. By gaining clarity on your objective, you can begin to track the relevant metrics that are important for your business goals and measure them accordingly with data from before you launched a new campaign or series of videos. If your goal is revenue generation, then it’s helpful if all sources of traffic are recorded, such as website visits (through CRM links,) social media followers/following numbers, and other channels like email marketing campaigns–it will give more insight into what content works best, so there’s less trial-and-error involved when launching future productions.

How to get your leadership team excited about explainer videos?

You know the benefits of using explainer videos to attract online customers, but convincing your leadership team can be a whole other challenge. We’ll help you pitch them with these three points…

benefits of an explainer video

1. Higher Conversion Rates mean more customers, and that means more revenue for your organization. In fact, a recent study found that when companies use explainer videos to help convert viewers into leads, those viewers convert at a rate 34% higher than non-viewers.

2. Explainer videos keep people on your website longer. You want them to stay with you as long as possible so they can see the product in action (that’s what makes them so valuable). Studies show that people who watch an explainer video on your site are 2x more likely to complete the conversion process compared to someone who doesn’t watch it. Longer time on the site means less churn for any service or product you offer!

3. Explainer videos can help you rank higher in search engines. According to a report from Video Brewery, video content helps your content “reach a broader audience and ultimately increases exposure,” meaning more visitors for your website! The same goes for Google’s top 3 ranking factors: having a video on the landing page will increase your chances of ranking better in their results.

But what if you’re still not sure about the value of explainer videos? We’ve got you covered. Watch our new video below (we know how to be persuasive) and see why explainer videos are so valuable for your brand…

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world of marketing, it is crucial for your company to stay on top of the latest trends so that you can tell a captivating story. Your leadership team has to have confidence in where their money is spent and be mindful about which mediums are best suited at educating prospective customers without boring them with information overload. As attention spans get shorter due to increasingly hectic lifestyles or generational differences, visual storytelling through video becomes an essential tool because this educates prospects during every stage of the sales funnel while also keeping them engaged throughout each phase!

That’s why an explainer video is a powerful tool for your marketing arsenal. They are an effective and cost-effective way to convey your brand message. Here’s why you should pitch them as a revenue generator for your company! These short clips give prospects an overview of the business or product without overwhelming potential customers on any given topic – these five minute videos will grab their attention and hold it until they decide to invest in what you’re offering!

If you want to make the most of your explainer video, get ready for some insider knowledge. Find out what makes an effective and persuasive video and how your leadership team will benefit from them.

Explainer video: long lasting impact in one investment.

You may be a little hesitant about launching an explainer video. There are lots of benefits to having one, though! For years, big corporations have known that these videos are crucial in marketing their products because they know it’s the perfect way to reach new customers while also building loyalty and credibility through shareable content.

a good video will make customers stay with you

An explainer video will be an excellent investment for any company. It can increase conversion rates and help you understand what kind of customers are visiting your site. They allow companies to show their true personality without sacrificing quality or content because each one is unique in its own way – from the message to how it looks. 

A single video can stay relevant and produce high ROI when compared to other marketing tactics. This is an invaluable advantage, as your company not only has a positive impact on sales but also long-lasting effects on how potential customers see not just products but also companies themselves! Your leadership team will be happy to hear that explainer videos are a solid investment. 

Explainer video: a versatile resource for your company.

An explainer video is a powerful way to engage with your audience, yet some leaders might be hesitant. To help ease their worries and get them engaged in this idea, it’s important that you understand what an explainer video is not: It won’t replace any of the other marketing efforts currently being used by your company but will instead support those efforts as another tool for success!

Explainers videos are used primarily at the top of customer funnels to keep them engaged as they explore other resources for more information about what they have seen.  An advantage to having this type of content is its versatility: it can also be utilized elsewhere within your company’s marketing strategy like outbound sales presentations; visual materials when presenting with potential buyers face-to-face etc. 

marketing strategy with explainer video

Explainer videos are a great way to establish leadership and power

When you choose to run a marketing campaign for your company, the first goal should be to position yourself as an authority figure in your industry sector. To achieve this, make sure that all of the materials are of high quality because it will give you a much better look at future prospects and give them a sense of professionalism they can’t find elsewhere. 

Think about it; everyone can run their own marketing campaign, but not everyone has the kind of professional-looking material which makes them appear like an expert on subjects outside their field of expertise – so why not use explainer videos to achieve it? Explainer videos are a great way to get in front of your potential customers and show them that you offer premium products or services. The audience will feel more connected with the company, which puts it ahead of competitors. 

Build confidence in your leadership team during the creation process.

One way we achieve this is by our constant support and revision during the creation process. We establish a strong channel of communication so you or your leadership team can witness how your explainer video is built up. The design, storyboarding, animation are all discussed at length with important aspects to make sure that what matters most to you gets put into the final product while giving you all advice on things like color palette for background images and voice-over scripts in order to ensure it will be perfect when completed. Trust us! At the end of everything, everyone involved has confidence because they have seen every step-from inception right through production.

In the end, that confidence will be also transmitted to the rest of the team and more importantly, to your future prospects and customers. 

build confidence with your team

Now you’ve got the basics down. Now it’s time to get started!

There is no doubt that a tactic that can grab people’s attention and provide insight into your company will make a difference in any business. When you think of all the marketing tactics available, it’s hard to deny that explainer videos are one of the most effective tools for grabbing attention and helping people understand why your company is better than its competition. The ROI on this tactic alone can be higher when compared with other methods of traditional advertising. Likewise, a single video will stay relevant for years and has an easy integration into your other marketing efforts – which may make leadership happy too!

By now you may have a clearer picture about how an explainer video can benefit your company. It’s time to make a decision to take your company to the next step.If you are ready to invest in a top-notch explainer video with the help and support of an experienced team. Then, feel free to reach out to us. 

The time has come to take your business and marketing efforts into the future with a professionally produced video. Imagine what could be possible if you invested in an AlphaCrew Studio production, which will help connect with customers and generate even more sales for your company? We offer a FREE CONSULTATION SERVICE so that we can clarify any doubts or questions you may have about this innovative strategy before starting work on it together.

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