What are the benefits of explainer videos for your company?

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The sooner you start thinking about using explainer videos, the better prepared you can be. The world is changing, and it’s time to get clear on your message. 

Clear explainer videos reduce the level of tension in a customer’s buying process.

customer's buying process

When a customer runs through the tedious buying process, you can help them in their journey by clearly stating what you do. Otherwise, there could be too much ambiguity at any point of the conversion funnel. This ambiguity can create unnecessary friction, which will lead customers away before they even have all their questions answered or make a purchase decision. 

Companies that create explainer videos to educate consumers on their products are more likely to sell products than those who don’t. Studies show that 64% of potential customers become buyers if they watch an engaging video about the company behind a product before purchasing online. An explainer video is more accessible for people to learn information and build trust in your business, encouraging them to take action right away instead of getting frustrated trying to find what they need elsewhere.

Explainer videos clarify and simplify your story both inside and outside your company.

We all know that to get the word out about ourselves and our products, we need a cohesive message. But what happens when different departments have their own way of speaking? Is this really going to help potential customers learn more about you or build trust with your company? Even if it does work for some time, is there any guarantee that one department’s interests will not overshadow another’s, eventually causing tensions within the organization and messages becoming fragmented across various platforms? To avoid the pitfalls of having departments with their own way of speaking, we need to work together towards a unified goal. The use of advanced marketing techniques such as explainer videos (which are short and interactive) will tell compelling stories about your products and the company itself.

work team

Having a concise and universal narrative helps your story cross product lines and appeal to all of the industries you serve. Your departments won’t have to worry about how they should speak with customers because the explainer videos are always on hand for any communication needs. It can be like if every time they talked to an employee, no matter what department it is in, that person in your team could wow them in one simple pitch! 

You will not only have more effective customer relations. But also from the perspective of employees, these videos can help them reconnect with their mission and feel more engaged in what they do. Employees have found that this type of solution has helped foster a sense of community within their workgroup while keeping them connected to the company culture at large.

Explainer Videos: The New Way of Marketing

The modern world has made our attention spans shorter and traditional advertising is becoming obsolete. That’s the main reason why video content can be a powerful way to capture your customers’ interest in what you’re selling! They are more likely to watch a video rather than reading text or listening in audio form. If you want people’s interest piqued about your product or service, it would be wise to create an insightful explainer video that will build trust among potential buyers who may not have heard of what it’s all about yet!

Newer, quicker videos explain the company’s latest changes.

When your company is about to undergo a significant change, such as rebranding or entering a new market, it’s essential that you create an explainer video to inform potential customers about the changes. Explainer videos are a great way for consumers to get all their questions answered while also learning more about what is going on, which will increase awareness of these changes.

Whether you’re launching new websites, products, or upcoming events – try using explainer videos that can inspire action from your target audiences by providing this information in multiple formats they desire and would be most likely watching it through social media platforms where there’s endless content searching capabilities limited only by time; giving viewers easy access without having them go anywhere else.

Explainer Videos are a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

An explainer video can give your business a competitive edge! The competition has always been tough, but now there’s no reason to get lost in the shuffle. With video marketing you’ll have an opportunity to stand out from other businesses and show off what makes you unique.

engage your clients

Companies would struggle just trying to keep up with their competitors at all times – nowadays it doesn’t matter because people are more inclined towards watching videos than reading words on paper. Explainer video is interactive by nature which means viewers will feel engaged while they’re viewing so not only do they stay longer, but also remember where the engagement happened when something triggers them later down the line.

NOW is the time for you to get your company’s message out in a creative, memorable way.

Stand out from the competition and educate your customers about your product or service with a video! In today’s high-tech world, there is something to be said about going back to basics. When you create an explainer video for your business or product, it gives potential clients all of the information they need in one short package that will have them coming back for more.

Exciting as it may be, don’t miss the chance and get a FREE consultation service to know what an explainer video can do for you.

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