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About Alacriti Analytics

ALacriti Analytics empowers small businesses to compete on government and private sector projects by expediting procurement onboarding and decision-making process.

ALacriti Analytics certifies small business capability and capacity to increase our users’ ability to compete for millions in contract opportunities. It also provides access to the largest mega projects, corporate buyers, procurement decision makers, contracts and project opportunities.



The Working Challenge

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We advised our client to redesign his website due to the following reasons:

  1. The home page looked outdated
  2. Website needed to be responsive in all devices
  3. Some parts of the backend needed fixes
  4. Website needed new features and functions implemented
  5. New images and infographics were needed
  6. There was too much text and no proper CTA (Call to Action)
  7. There was no trust building up when the user sees the homepage for the first time
  8. Users did not clearly know what problem the company was addressing and what solution it provides


Our Working Process


Conversation with the client

We met with the client and explained the reasons why a website redesign was needed.

Graphic scheme of a new website

We made a few sketches and a mockup

After analyzing top companies in the same industry we impletemented some sketches and met with our client. After receiving feedback we went ahead a prepare a mockup of the final website.

Programming code


After our client looked at the mockup, he agreed with our suggestions. We then implemented the website in WordPress with raw HTML, CSS, and PHP. Our graphic design team prepared images. Our copywriting team checked the text for grammatical errors.

Screenshots of a beautifull website

Project Delivery

Finally, we uploaded all changes to a test directory on our client's server. After receiving some final suggestions from our client, we went ahead and made a backup from the lived site, and replaced the old version with the new one. WordPress plugins were also fixed and installed for theme compatibility.

Programming code
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Home page screenshot

Home Page

Dynamic slider
Website screenshot

"Problem description" section

Infographics & CSS code
Website screenshot

Licensed Content

Stock Images from our library
Website screenshot

"Solution" Section

Infographics, HTML and CSS
Website screenshot

Dynamic counters

Javascript HTML and CSS
Website screenshot

Upload buttons

PHP Functions
Website screenshot

Custom Footer

Website screenshot

"Call to action" section

UX Design
Website screenshot

Survey Design

Wordpress plugin with PHP


Redesigned Website

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